Reasons to Plan

I love to plan. Some people do not understand this, but I have many reasons.  Let me try to explain some of them to you.

1. It makes me more productive.  I always become more productive when I make and use lists. In my planner, I like to keep a checklist of each task that needs to be taken care of on a certain day. Using my planner makes me conscious of how much I plan into a given day. I can easily tell when I have filled up a day, which makes it much easier to take on only as much as I can handle.

2. It helps me set goals. This goes along with being more productive. Making lists of my goals, and the steps that lead up to them, helps me achieve the goals more efficiently.

3. It helps my memory.  I typically do not remember things unless it is written down. It’s just a fact. If I did not write it in my planner  (or at least on a post-it), I will most likely forget. I cannot help it.

4. It is easy to see the big picture.  Yes, finals week is stressing me out, but if I look at the the week as a whole I an see that two of the days will be spent testing and Christmas Break follows just behind. Looking at well planned weeks, no matter how chaotic, is what puts it all into perspective.

5. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed.Without a planner I will take on too many tasks. Sometimes, however, like it or not, my life becomes crazy. My planner keeps me from becoming overwhelmed.

6. I think better in writing. I really do. I have tried Google Calendars and the good ole’ iPhone calendar, but nothing worked as well for me as an old fashioned pen and paper planner.

7. I always feel accomplished.   At the end of a very productive week, the sense of accomplishment I feel when turning the page is amazing.

8. It just makes me happy. Seeing all of my days, weeks, and months decorated and planned out just makes me happy. I can’t explain it. I’m sure that you can understand. If not, give it a try. You will feel it.

All of these are reasons why I love to plan. Although there are more, these make the top of the list. If you have not tried using a planner before, give it a try! Maybe you will become as into it as I am! 🙂

Happy planning!



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